… and there was Light!

… and there was Light!
August 16, 2015 RenéeQ
In Beauty in Confidence

I’m back!

Blog got hacked into, posts & pictures all scrambled up so I shut it down.

Even though I was getting emails and DMs to start a new one I kept pushing it to tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow… tomorrow. Okay, on Monday… I promise, by Friday!!!

Well, it’s been over a year and I’ve finally been able to conquer the evil of procrastination.

**You’re never too busy for what you plan for**

So I did this shoot with one of my fav models, Gifty, and photographer Rodney, awhile ago and was so inspired when I saw the pictures.

They spoke to me.

We all have that something special and unique about us yet have hidden it.

We’ve got lights all around us and yet are walking in darkness — insecurity, fear, lack of confidence, envy, low self esteem etc.etc.

Photo 8-10-15, 01 45 44

  let it go

Photo 8-10-15, 01 45 55

You are what you Believe

Photo 8-10-15, 01 46 03

Look within yourself

Photo 8-10-15, 01 46 20

Let your Light Shine!


Model – Gifty Sackey

Photographer – Rodney Quarcoo

#BeautyInConfidence #LetYourLightShine #MakeupCestNaturale #RenéeQ

Stay blessed


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  1. Edith 2 years ago

    Beautiful truth, “you are what you believe!”

  2. Ivy 2 years ago

    At last you’re back 🙂
    indeed we all have a shining light inside, we just need to search for it 🙂 thank you for these wise words my dear Renée !

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