The Makeup Masterclass

This is a 5-day class to groom and train aspiring artists who would like to take their love for the art to the next level and become professionals.

You will learn applications, techniques and secrets to becoming the best in the industry. Some include:
•Eyebrow Shaping & Defining
•Preparation of the Skin
•Makeup Brushes and Tools
•Corrective makeup
•Foundation Laying
•Eyeshadow Application
•Day to Night transformation
•How to market your Business
•and more

Our group classes are organized quarterly and take a maximum 12 students per class. Dates are announced 2 weeks before for registration. We offer a personal 1-on-1 class, which is arranged according to availability.

Each student receives a FREE professional makeup brush kit and a working apron.

Expect the best! Renée is passionate about sharing her expertise in a format that ensures the highest international standards.

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